See just how unequal we are

I had asked for help capturing the inequality caused by the winner-take-all system states have adopted for allocating their Electoral College votes.

I’ve seen a bunch of fantastic responses, which I’ll try to catalog here as I come across them.

Heinrich Hartmann has a great interactive map — select a base state, and then hover over other states to see their relative weight. He’s made the code available on GitHub.

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The Electoral College

My friend Joseph Mornin built a two column demonstration—select two states shows the unequal voting weight between them, with maps and date produced below. He too has made the code available on GitHub.


Really eager to see how Brian Chirls’ WebVR example develops:

And my friend Bruce Skarin has a version that lets you compare more than two states at a time:

Bruce Skarin

All of these make perfectly clear just how unequal the voting power of American’s is — despite “the greatest democracy in the world” insisting, in almost every other context, on the principle of “one person, one vote.” That principle is violated by the way we elect the President—and not because of anything the Constitution requires. The cause of the distortion is the decision by the states to allocate their Electoral College votes on a “winner-take-all” basis. That mistake defeats representative democracy.

Let me know if you see more, and I’ll include them—just in case the point needs to be made more clearly.

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