I want Bernie’s campaign to go well, and more importantly, I want a representative democracy where the ideas that Bernie is talking about actually have a shot. But as someone who has spent his whole life fighting for issues that should have been easy wins, you know better than any of us just how unrepresentative this democracy is. That’s the debate — and fight — I want to have. Not with Bernie, or Hillary or any other Democrat: But elevated to a level which could separate it from the idiotic partisan fight that is our politics today.

And to go back to the first point. It isn’t “campaign finance reform plus voting rights.” It is that plus equal representation. Which when you add it together is a set of reforms focused on achieving a representative democracy — finally. My question to you is just: Why isn’t that the fight we should be having? What reason is there not to be fighting for the Citizen Equality Act — at least now, 5 months away from an election?

Written by

law professor, activist.

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