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My book with Matt Seligman will drop on Tuesday. In reverse chronological order, this page will collect some of the reactions — reviews, interviews, but most interesting to me, emails (at least some, selected and anonymized). It is a strange time, but with super-interesting books!

4 min readFeb 11, 2024


02/13/24: Mr. Book gives it an A+

2/13/24: Deep fake promotions?

02/13/24: The book is published!

02/13/24: Random emails

02/11/24: Ed Pilkington, How to steal a US election: Harvard’s Lawrence Lessig on Trump’s new threat, The Guardian

Lawrence Lessig has a message for America: Donald Trump’s assault on democracy in 2020, with his stolen-election lie and refusal to concede the White House, may have been shocking, but wait till you see what’s coming next.

02/11/24: Random Emails

02/10/24: Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire

02/10/24: Jim Acosta, CNN News

02/10/24, Carl Gibson, Elections remain ‘dangerously unprotected’ against pro-Trump state legislatures: scholars, AlterNet

Former President Donald Trump and his supporters’ attempt to violently overturn election results on January 6, 2021 was unsuccessful, but two scholars are warning that there will almost certainly be another “legal coup” attempt in this election cycle.

02/07/24: Emails after ALL IN WITH CHRIS HAYES (not online)

02/04/24: Background Briefing with Ian Masters

02/01/24: Christopher Ragland reads the audiobook (it sounds so good!)


01/30/24: Andrew O’Hehir, “There’s a real risk they get away with it”: Lawrence Lessig on how to steal the 2024 election, Salon Talks

01/26/24: Yale Press promotional video

01/25/24: Ed Kilgore, Trump’s Best Shot at Overturning the 2024 Election, New York Magazine

In any event, no one should be blindsided if MAGA folk come up with new ways to turn defeat into victory, short of the military coup d’état they don’t have the power to generate. It’s time to keep eyes wide open.

01/22/24: Lessig/Seligman, Here Is One Way to Steal the Presidential Election, New York Times

What happens when you stress-test America’s system for electing a president? How well does it hold up? …

12/6/23: Kirkus Reviews

Welcome reading for anyone concerned with real rigged elections.

11/17/23: Scott McLemee, Politics & Beyond, Inside Higher Ed

No way around it: The award for hottest of hot takes goes to Lawrence Lessig and Matthew Seligman, whose How to Steal a Presidential Election (Yale University Press, February) explores the “perfectly legal ways of overturning election results” available that “would allow a political party to install its own candidate in place of the true winner … from vice-presidential intervention to election decertification and beyond.”