Failing Hawley, again

Senator Josh Hawley continues to defend his indefensible behavior of 10 days ago. The indented part below is an oped published by Senator Hawley in the Southeast Missourian Thursday. Responses are my own.

Last week I objected during the Joint Session count of electoral votes in order to have a debate on the issue of election integrity.

But apparently, some Democrats only want to gripe about counts, recounts, and recounts of recounts. … So eager are they to abandon their job as public servants, they have cast themselves in the role of Michael Moore, concocting wild conspiracy theories to distract the American public.

In 2005, when Democrats objected to counting Ohio’s electoral votes, Nancy Pelosi praised the objections, saying, “This debate is fundamental to our democracy” and “we are witnessing democracy at work.”

law professor, activist.

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