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EqualVotes.US: Where we are, where we’re going

Almost a year ago, a bunch of us began talking about how to fix an increasingly dangerous flaw in the mechanics of our Republic — the Electoral College. We had just witnessed the second in the last three Presidents get elected without winning the popular vote. It was quickly becoming apparent that this was not a once-in-a-century problem, but an increasingly likely part of our democratic future.

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Doc Searls CC BY-SA

• we saw a problem;

• we identified a solution;

• we began a rally to support the fight;

• we found the very best lawyer in the world to lead that fight;

• we raised the money we needed to get the case launched.

These were the key steps to get going, and we have succeeded with each. Now the question is just this:

What comes next?

Well, first, and obviously, planning the cases comes next. We’re meeting this week with the legal team to determine how to go forward. I am hopeful we can launch something by the end of the year.

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law professor, activist.

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