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Crunchtime in Zephyrland

Zephyr Teachout has run an incredible campaign for Congress. She has the best messaging on the issue of reform—by anyone, by far. She has worked endlessly to focus her district (New York’s 19th) on the need to fix Congress, and on the potential for America if we did. She has raised more money than her former NY legislative leader & lobbyist opponent, John Faso—$3.2 million, with an average contribution of $19. And she has rallied enormous volunteer energy to deliver this swing district to this crucial reformer.

But as is the nightmare of American politics today, in the last weeks of the campaign, Wall Street billionaires have funded SuperPACS that have now reportedly spent more than $10 million attacking Zephyr. The last polls found her ahead, slightly. But no one can be confident with so much negative advertising flowing through the system.

Zephyr’s campaign must make its final TV buy Friday. It will buy as much as it can, given the resources it then has. Please help if you can.

We need Zephyr in Congress. We don’t need yet another example of how big money poisons democracy.

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law professor, activist.

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