Create to Save Democracy:

A New Economy for Democracy Reform Creativity

2 min readApr 6, 2024


We’re launching an experiment at EqualCitizens.US that we’re hopeful will change the economy of reform creativity:

Starting today, EqualCitizens.US will host democracy reform videos (about any pro-democracy reform efforts or activities, left or right). Each video will ask for donations. For now, half the donation will be used to buy ads to spread the video; half will be returned to the creator.

You can see the beginning of the site here.

Our first videos will be the very best from the anti-SuperPAC video competition we ran in the fall. Those videos are here.

If you want to submit new pro-democracy creativity to be added to the channel, you can do that here. If we think the creativity works — as pro-reform creativity and as creativity—we’ll add it and start distributing it. And if we (and you) are right about its appeal, it will be spread further through digital ads, and return rewards to the creator.

None of us knows whether this economy is going to work. All we know is that we desperately need democracy reform and that we’ll try anything to get what we need.

So keep it short and creative; use AI if you want. Just create to inspire—and let’s turn that inspiration into something productive for all of us.

Relatedly: this project will need real talent leading it if it is going to work. We’re frantically recruiting that talent. If you, or someone you know, is the obvious person to lead it, we’re recruiting here. We’ve got real resources to hire someone talented, so spread the word if you can.